You must be at least 17 years of age, a non-native speaker of English, and have completed your secondary education.
You must have some knowledge of basic English grammar and the ability to understand verbal instructions.

Deadlines for submitting the application
– 60 days prior to the beginning of the semester for applicants not currently in the US.
– 30 days prior to the beginning of the semester for applicants currently in the US on a valid student visa.

Please complete all of the following fields. Once you submit the application and all required documents and fees, allow up to 5 working days to process.

When do you plan to begin studying at the ELI?

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To which address would you like us to send your I-20 and admission packet?

If "Other", please provide the mailing address below.


Do you need campus housing?**

**Graduate student housing is only available in the summer.

If yes, please download the housing application and upload it below.

Summer Housing Application

Fall Housing Application


Will your legal dependents (spouse or children) be accompanying you during your stay in the US as an international student?

If yes, please submit a passport copy and a sheet listing the following information for each dependent: Family name, first name, date of birth, country of birth, city of birth, country of citizenship, gender, relationship to student.


What is your highest level of education completed?

How many years have you studied English?

Have you attended a school in the United States?

If yes, list the school, location, and dates of attendance:

Have you taken the TOEFL exam?

TOEFL Score & Date Taken
Have you taken the IELTS exam?

IELTS Score & Date Taken
What do you plan to do after completing your intensive English studies?

Major field of study: Undergraduate

Major field of study: Graduate

How did you hear about the ELI at Syracuse University?

Are you currently attending a school in the United States?

If yes, list the name of the school, location, and the date you will finish.

What type of visa do you currently have?

Please submit copies of your current visa and immigration documents below.


Type of financial source

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I give the ELI permission to release my academic progress (grades, attendance, etc.) to this sponsor.

Upload your required documents here*:

Academic Records
Financial Statement
English Statement

*If you are unable to upload all files now, please email them to elimail@syr.edu. Your application will NOT be processed until all required documents and fees are received.

Required fees include:
$100 application fee (nonrefundable)
$500 tuition deposit (nonrefundable)
$50 express mail fee (to send your admission packet to your home country)

Visit FlyWire or Western Union to make your payment. You will need your SUID (Syracuse University ID number). All fees paid with your application are non-refundable.
*Please send receipt of payment to debenjam@syr.edu.

Upload any additional documents here:

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Attendance Policy: I understand that students enrolled in the English Language Institute are required to attend all classes unless a student is ill or has a verified personal emergency. All absences, regardless of the reason, will be counted. I understand and agree to follow the attendance requirements of the program.

Refund Policy: I understand that tuition is due upon registration each semester (for sponsored students, a financial guarantee from the sponsor is due at registration). For tuition refunds, students must cancel before the first day of class. Tuition deposits are non-refundable. I am aware of the refund policy of this program.

I certify under the penalty of perjury that I have provided complete and accurate responses to the items on this application. I further certify that all official documents submitted in support of this application are authentic and unaltered records that pertain to me.

Type your full name below to represent your digital signature.


Note: Acceptance to the English Language Institute does not constitute admission to a degree program at Syracuse University. There is a separate application process for undergraduate or graduate admission.

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