What is CAPP?

The Conditional Admission Pathway Program (C.A.P.P.) through the English Language Institute (ELI) at Syracuse University is designed for students who have met Syracuse University’s academic requirements but need to strengthen their academic English. Students will be enrolled in Academic English courses at the ELI.


How long will I have to study in the CAP Program?

Once you are enrolled in the CAP Program at the ELI, you must complete Level 4 to satisfy the English proficiency requirement. Students are tested upon arrival and placed into the appropriate proficiency level. Each level takes one full semester, or 12 weeks in summer, to complete. If you test into level 3, for example, you would need to study at least two semesters in the CAPP/ELI program, one semester for Level 3 and one semester for Level 4. Please be advised that once enrolled in the CAP Program, taking the TOEFL or IELTS is no longer an option; you must complete Level 4.


How do I gain full admission to Syracuse University?

Once enrolled in the CAP Program at the ELI, you will be required to complete Level 4. Upon successful completion of Level 4, you will be fully admitted to Syracuse University.


How do I apply to the CAP Program?

A CAPP/ELI application form is below for you to download. Please complete the form and send it to us along with the required documentation and fees listed on the form.


Benefits of Enrolling in the CAP Program

  • Airport transportation upon arrival
  • Assistance with ‘settling in’ (shopping, tours, orientation)
  • Option to live on or off campus while in the CAPP/ELI program
  • Mentors in the first term
  • Study English on the SU campus and experience US culture and university life first hand
  • Network with students from many countries
  • Social events and day trips
  • Personal attention
  • Assistance with immigration and campus life
  • Access to all university facilities and events; library system, computer labs, dining halls, recreational facilities, stage and music performances
  • Classes meet Monday to Friday, 20 to 25 hours per week
  • Level 4 students may enroll in an academic credit course