Improve your language skills before beginning your academic program

Students who are interested in studying a degree program at Syracuse University need to complete a separate application.

Undergraduate and graduate students can apply online at Syracuse’s admissions website.

Once receiving a conditional admission for English proficiency, students can apply to the English Language Institute to improve their language skills before beginning their academic programs.

Undergraduate Conditional Admits

Students who have received a conditional admission to an undergraduate program at Syracuse University have the option of retaking the TOEFL or attending the ELI. If a student attends the ELI, he/she will need to successfully complete level 4 before being able to begin his/her degree program. There will not be a chance to retake the TOEFL.

Conditional Admission Pathway Program

Students whose TOEFL scores are too low for conditional admission may be invited to join the Conditional Admission Pathway Program (CAPP). In this program, students enroll at the ELI and receive conditional admission once they reach level 4. After completing level 4 successfully, students are fully admitted into an undergraduate program in the College of Arts & Sciences.

Graduate Conditional Admits

Students who have received a conditional admission to a graduate program at Syracuse University will have to talk to the admissions office at the school or college to discuss what level of English proficiency is required. The administration at the ELI will communicate with the admissions officers as well.