Overview of Programs

Syracuse University’s English Language Institute (ELI) is a high-quality program which serves adults with diverse goals who wish to study English as a second language. Students include those seeking undergraduate or graduate degrees in the U.S., business professionals, and those simply interested in increasing their English proficiency.

Academic English

The main program at the ELI is our Academic English program. The majority of the students who study here are enrolled in this program and many of them go on to study a degree program at Syracuse University. The ELI serves a high percentage of conditionally admitted students.

Academic English

English for Specific Purposes (ESP) programs

The ELI has also developed English for Specific Purposes (ESP) programs for students conditionally admitted to graduate programs at Syracuse University’s College of Law and School of Architecture.

English for Lawyers  English for Architecture  Executive English

Undergraduate students from Tokai University in Japan enroll in our program for most of the academic year as a study abroad experience. Fall 2018 marks the twenty-fifth year that these students were welcomed to the ELI. Immersion is complete as students opt to live on campus with American roommates helping to strengthen their English speaking skills and provide them with the full American academic experience.

Fulbright scholars are also welcomed each year to the ELI, one of the selected schools eligible to receive students through the Institute of International Education. These accomplished academics come to the ELI to enhance their proficiency in academic English and to adjust to US norms prior to starting their Master’s or Ph.D. programs at American universities.

Most recently, the ELI has been happy to welcome students from the Brazilian Scientific Mobility Program, the Mexico Proyecta 100 MIL, and graduate students sponsored by the Turkish Cultural Attaché.

Part-time Study Option

Dependents of students in the United States who are on F2 visas have the option of studying part-time at the ELI. F2 visa holders may choose to take one or two out of the three core classes at the ELI for a total of 6 – 15 hours per week. J2 visa holders may choose to study part-time OR full-time in the ELI program, per US visa regulations. Interested students should apply through the online application and send a follow-up email to elimail@syr.edu explaining that they wish to study part-time and which of the three classes they want to take.

*Tuition for part-time students will be pro-rated based upon the number of class hours per week.