On Campus & Off Campus Living

Syracuse University On-Campus Housing is available to students at the English Language Institute, but not required. Undergraduate students enrolled at Syracuse University are, however, required to live on campus as freshmen (1st year) and sophomores (2nd year). On-campus housing for graduate students is available for the summer sessions, but not during the academic year (Fall and Spring semesters).

On-Campus Housing

Syracuse University’s Office of Housing, Meal Plan, and ID Card Services offers North Campus Residence Halls and South Campus Apartments. During the academic year, new ELI students will be placed where space is available. Housing for summer sessions can be pre-selected by students. Once you have applied to the ELI and indicated that you would like to live in on campus housing, you will receive an email from the ELI with the housing application.

Off-Campus Housing

Students looking for off-campus housing can search in the university authorized list of local housing.

In addition, Syracuse University’s office of Off-Campus and Commuter Services provides all students living off campus with support, information, and resource referrals throughout their off-campus housing experience.

Homestay Option

The English Language Institute has partnered with the American Homestay Network to provide host family homestay options for our students. Please check their website for more information and to find the right host family for you!

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