Syracuse lies in the heart of Central New York. Although the city has become quite large, it still maintains a small town feel. It has a powerful and important industrial history, once being able to produce salt for the entire country. You can still find many of the industrial buildings scattered throughout the city. Syracuse’s industrial days are over now, but it is continuing to grow, having been able to successfully transform its image into an exciting place to live. Opportunities for a wide range of cultural events are plentiful.


Central New York has four distinct seasons. A harsh winter usually lasts from November until April when the snow finally subsides. Springtime flourishes with warmer weather and blooming flowers. Central New York is most beautiful in the summer and fall, when the climate warms up and the leaves begin to turn into a variety of colors – perfect for sightseeing and outdoor activities. City altitude ranges from 364 to 681 feet.


Like most Americans, people in Syracuse are generally friendly and welcoming, especially in the summer when the change of climate seems to put everybody in a good mood. You may have heard or experienced that the people from New York City are not very friendly and helpful. While this is somewhat true, do not confuse the culture of New York City with the culture of Central New York. They are quite different places. You will find that most people in Syracuse are easy to talk to and are willing to help with anything you need.