Check out these stories from former ELI students who continued onto Syracuse University for undergraduate and graduate programs!

Christina Chu- Completed the ELI in Summer 2020

Jason Li- Completed the ELI in Spring 2020

Troy Liu- Completed the ELI in Summer 2020

Want to know what it’s like to be a student at the English Language Institute at Syracuse University? Check out the stories below from our previous students!

Omar Al Busaidy, United Arab Emirates

Fulbright Fellows

The wait is finally over
Fulbright brought us closer
We came from far and near,
And to Syracuse we are here.
We ran through airport terminals
Dressed in scarves and cardigans
with hopes in our hearts
Desires in our will
Off to a new start
Its all uphill
Passion in our souls
And stories to be told
Determined to make a difference
For everyone to witness
United we stand; and to greatness we aspire
In the hopes to return
to the generations we will inspire
today we stand as one
tomorrow we will march as many
the journey has begun
spread kindness like confetti
remember your cause
remember your God
my prayer to all of you
is to shine like the stars”

Marina Rosa, Brazil

Marina Rosa“All of my experiences in the U.S. have been special and unique and I’m very grateful to the ELI staff for making it easier for me. As with everyone moving to a new country, at the beginning I was full of questions and; quite scared. There were many reasons for it; about the culture, the people, the program, the university, the tests, the vacations… but mostly, about the language. In Brazil, many of us study English during school years, some pay for particular English courses, but few have the opportunity to get to know a foreign country from inside as I did. Even though my English classes during elementary and high school were helpful, they were not enough. Thanks to ELI and all the friends I have made there, I never felt lost. The support I received was complete and made me feel like home. The relationship between students, professors, and all the staff is memorable not only because of all effort they do to build a reliable environment, but also because we see that this effort is honest, real, and effective.”

Abdulaziz AlKandari, Kuwait

Abdullah Alkandari“Professional teachers at the ELI encouraged me to improve my English skills. Effective curriculum and materials made study more interesting and; efficient. The ELI prepared me for academic life by giving me primary skills to do well in graduate school.”

Fatimah Muhammad, Saudi Arabia

Fatimah Muhammad“If you are looking for good preparation to master university life, I highly recommend attending the ELI. From all the hard work you go through during the English learning journey, you will see the benefits, starting with your first presentation in the first semester of university.”


Stanley Moise, Haiti

Stanley at Football Game“Attending the ELI is like integrating into a new family. I am making significant progress in my academic English in record time. The staff is committed to each student without distinction. They are willing to help each of us with all our academic and personal needs. I assume that the school is quite unique.”