English for Information Professionals for Conditionally Admitted Graduate Students to the iSchool

Interested students should apply here to enroll in the in person English for Information Professionals program.

English for Information Professionals is a six-week course designed specifically for graduate students entering the iSchool . The English for Information Professionals program focuses on developing the advanced communication skills necessary to present to major stakeholders such as iSchool faculty and prospective employers. Students will develop the critical reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills necessary for success at the graduate level, specifically in the context of information studies programs. Small class sizes allow for personalized attention to the specific language-learning needs of each student, leading to both enhanced skills and increased confidence.

Overall, the English Language Institute is a wonderful place to start your academic career. We focus on enhancing language skills as well as providing guidance during the transition period to a new culture. At the ELI, we have a very close community to help students learn more about Syracuse University as well as the Syracuse community to help students succeed academically socially.


 English for Information Professionals 2023 Schedule 

Item Date
Orientation Friday, June 30
First day of classes Wednesday, July 5
Last day of classes Friday, August 11



English for Information Professionals 2023 Course Fees

Item Cost
Tuition (Due before the first day of class) $4,255
Special 2023 Rate: $2,980
Incidentals (Books, Health Insurance, etc.) $800
Estimated Living Expenses $4,250
Total   $8,030

All fees are subject to change.