Congratulations on completing the ELI program!

Please be sure that the following items are done.

  • Pay any remaining charges on your student account.
  • Clean out your locker and return the lock.
  • Tell the ELI office your future plans.
  • Update your new address on MySlice.

Transferring to Syracuse University

If you will be transferring from the ELI to Syracuse University once you complete your English studies, you will need to notify student services staff to transfer your SEVIS record to the Center for International Services. They will then issue you a new I-20 to be mailed to you or picked up at their office. If you have a DS-2019, your document will either state your academic program or you will be issued a new one.

Transferring to another U.S. university

If you will be transferring to another college or university in the United States, you will need to provide the ELI with a letter of acceptance from that institution so that we can transfer your SEVIS record to your new school.

Returning to your home country

If you will be leaving the United States and returning home, please know that your F1 student visa gives you 60 days after your program ends before you need to leave the US. If you are on a J1 visa, you have 30 days after your program ends to leave.