Celebrating the 10th anniversary, the English for Lawyers cohort concluded its summer program with a mock trial on Aug. 9, after six weeks of courses.

Hosted by the English Language Institute at Syracuse University, English for Lawyers is a program designed to provide a foundation in legal terminology and language usage in various areas for non-native speakers of English who intend to earn an LL.M. degree in the United States.

Working in collaboration with the University’s College of Law, the program is divided into three components to offer a personalized and targeted approach when it comes to students’ needs. Textual communication, oral communication, and grammar courses provide a structured environment for immediate feedback. During classes, students work on various projects related to their field and are encouraged to write essays and prepare presentations in a legal context. Additionally, the program offers engaging opportunities to network with guest speakers and attend field trips related to the legal field. The objectives include increasing the participants’ ability to understand and discuss common legal matters and improving their research skills.

“Every year I receive feedback from students who say how much more confident they become in using English, studying in a different language, being adjusted to the American education system, and feeling ready for their LL.M. program,” says Olga Oganesyan, assistant director of academic programs at the English Language Institute.